2011 Browsergame Of The Year - Jury Prize
2012 MMO Of The Year - Public Prize
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Welcome to Miramagia – a fantasy farm game

Welcome to Miramagia, the free online farm game bursting with magic!
  • Dive into a wonderful world full of magic in this free fantasy mmorpg. Learn powerful spells, grow colourful plants and raise your dragon!
  • Miramagia is a free online fantasy browser game enjoyed by all age groups.
  • Join our fantastic community and be part of our online fantasy game!
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Village of the month
Village of the month

Old Hawkbury

Play online for free now!
The great Dragon Ride
1. General
  • a. By sending an application and a photo, the participant confirms and accepts the validity of these terms.
  • b. Participation is voluntary and free of charge.
  • c. The offer is restricted to participants who are resident in the Federal Republic of Germany, Austria or Switzerland.
  • d. All those aged 15 or over at the time of sending their photo may participate.
  • e. There is no legal recourse.
2. Period of the offer / deadline for sending photos

The offer is held continuously but may be ended by TRAVIAN GAMES at any time. Participation (sending the application) is possible at any time. Once a month, in the last calendar week of the month, an internal jury chooses their favourites among the entries received.

3. Process
  • a. Each participant sends a short application in writing to the following address: gewinnspiel@miramagia.com. The participant must provide both their real name and their Miramagia nickname as well as their Miramagia gameworld.
  • b. Each month, one plush dragon is given away to one of the entries received within that month. The decision rests on a Miramagia jury following the aforementioned criteria.
  • c. Each winner commits to sending a holiday photo of their plush dragon to the following address:
  • email_img.php?email=Z2V3aW5uc3BpZWxAbWlyYW1hZ2lhLmNvbQ%3D%3D
  • d. The photo must not show any content glorifying violence, nor pornographic, discriminatory, racist, morally condemnable, religious or other forbidden content. Moreover, no brands, copyright or other rights of third parties may be infringed upon in the photo.
  • e. The image should be submitted in JPG, JPEG or PNG format.
  • f. All suitable photos are published on the website www.miramagia.de. The Miramagia nickname and Miramagia gameworld of the corresponding participant are also disclosed.
  • g. The poll is carried out by a jury comprising staff members of the Miramagia team at Travian Games GmbH and Bright Future GmbH. The criteria for the decision are the interesting holiday destination and the authenticity of the entry. In the event of a draw, a lottery decides.
  • h. The winner of the month is notified by email and must provide his postal address for the dispatch of the prize.
4. Prizes

Each month, one Miramagia plush dragon (worth approx. 30 Euros) can be won.


Weihnachtliche Schmuckverlosung in Miramagia

Es weihnachtet sehr und Groß und Klein freuen sich über ihre Geschenke. Das Jahr 2014 neigt sich dem Ende zu – doch nicht ohne euch echte Präsente zu überreichen…

In einer Verlosung könnt ihr eines von 11 handgefertigten Schmuckstücken gewinnen. Von wundervollen Ringen bis hin zu zauberhaften Medaillons… Jedes dieser Schmuckstücke ist einzigartig und mit bekannten Motiven aus Miramagia versehen.

Was muss ich tun, um am Gewinnspiel teilzunehmen?

Schicke eine E-Mail mit dem Betreff „Zauberhafte Miramagia Weihnachten“ an gewinnspiel@miramagia.com und teile uns darin dein Lieblings-Item aus unserem Winterzauber-Event mit. Die 11 Gewinner werden vom Miramagia-Team ausgelost.

Einsendeschluss ist der 30. Dezember 2014. Alle Details zum Ablauf findet Ihr in unseren Teilnahmebedingungen.

Teilnahmebedingungen lesen

Das Miramagia Team wünscht dir frohe Weihnachten, einen guten Rutsch ins neue Jahr und viel Glück bei der Verlosung!


Die Travian Games GmbH, Wilhelm-Wagenfeld-Str. 22, 80807 München, Deutschland (fortan: TRAVIAN GAMES) veranstaltet im Rahmen des Onlinegames Miramagia eine Gewinnaktion, bei der insgesamt 3 handgefertigte Medaillonketten und 8 Ringe zu gewinnen sind. Die Einzelheiten der Aktion richten sich nach den folgenden Bedingungen:

1. Allgemeines 2. Ablauf 3. Einsendeschluss

Einsendeschluss ist der 30.12.2014.

4. Preise 5. Gewährleistung

TRAVIAN GAMES übernimmt für Sachpreise keine Gewährleistung. TRAVIAN GAMES tritt sämtliche Gewährleistungsrechte hinsichtlich eines Sachpreises an den jeweiligen Gewinner ab. Mit Annahme des Sachpreises nimmt der Gewinner die Abtretung an. Jeder Spieler, der einen Sachpreis gewinnt, wird demnach sämtliche Gewährleistungsrechte nicht gegenüber TRAVIAN GAMES geltend machen, sondern direkt gegenüber dem Verkäufer bzw. Hersteller.

Stand: 08.12.2014

Travian Games GmbH
Wilhelm-Wagenfeld-Straße 22
80807 München

Geschäftsführer: Siegfried Müller

Zurück zum Gewinnspiel

Fansite support

If you'd like to design and run your own fansite for Miramagia, we'd be very happy.

In our fansite policy you'll find all the relevant important information.

Apart from that, we have collected some graphics for you in order to make the start as easy as possible for you. Our fansite package contains a number of graphics from various areas, e.g. characters, dragons, backgrounds, logos and of course many of the plants. These graphics can be used for decorating your own website in accordance with our fansite policy.

We hope you have fun with your new site and, if you have any questions or requests, we'd be glad to take a look at them in the forum!

Magical adventures in botanical worlds

A magical realm full of fantastic plants and creatures awaits you: Miramagia combines an exciting magical world with the irresistible charm of a gardening simulation.

Magic is everywhere in Miramagia, whether you’re a wizard, mage, druid or shaman, and it can even be found in your own magic garden! You will first learn how to grow herbs, mushrooms and magic shrubs step by step and, once you have cast your first few spells, you will receive a recently hatched baby dragon. If you raise it with tender loving care you will then have a mighty companion to compete with in thrilling dragon races against other players later on in the game.

There are plants which grow in a matter of minutes, and others which require several days.

But this is just the beginning: you will confront the first big challenges after just a few hours of gameplay. Not only must the garden be made to look beautiful, but you must tend to rare flora and learn powerful spells, because everything can be done with magic in Miramagia, from a quick rain spell to changing entire climatic zones. The entire game world of Miramagia consists of meticulously drawn and animated graphics.

You must also be loyal and committed to the village community, for example in helping to look after the village tree or in competing in friendly competitions against neighbouring villages. There are over 500 decorative items the player can use to adorn the village.

There are special occasions throughout the year such as St Valentine’s Day, Spring Festival, village dances, dragon and fairytale events, Halloween, Christmas and constant new opportunities to be active and creative. But this is only the start: more exciting adventures await you beyond the village boundaries.

In the city you'll find the Mage Academy, a Sorcerer's Corner Shop, a hair salon and much more. You can easily make new friends there!

Miramagia has been designed to provide game longevity and will ensure many years of gaming fun with a host of charming features. You can build a magical laboratory, search for mushrooms, solve challenging alchemy puzzles and play amusing tricks on nasty competitors.

Like all browser games, players can interact with thousands of other players all over the world and the emphasis in Miramagia is harmonious coexistence. You can choose to act as a shrewd merchant or a dedicated plant breeder. A spirit of friendly competition is also a central element in the game, but all the players primarily work together to make their village beautiful and to see the world grow and flourish together.

The game is aimed at all players who love high-end casual games. The cross-genre setting, which combines roleplay and a gardening simulation, creates a special atmosphere and unique gaming experience. If you are looking for a relaxing game in a fantastic game world and appealing community, you will feel very much at home in Miramagia.

Such a splendidly equipped laboratory with powerful artefacts has to be developed over time!
Game data
  • 37 Plants >130 Laboratory items >600 Items of clothing Approx. 100 hairstyles >500 Decorative objects
  • Different occasions every month
FAQ - Answers

Here you can find answers to the game. You also have the possibility of contacting Support, should you not find an answer here.

Game Rules

Here you will find the current game rules.

Contact Game Support

If you cannot find the answer to your question, you can contact Support here.


In our Forum you will be able to chat with other players.

Responsible for the offers on this site:

Travian Games GmbH
Wilhelm-Wagenfeld-Str. 22
80807 München

Amtsgericht München, HRB 173511
VAT ID No. DE 246258085
CEO: Siegfried Müller
Telephone: +49 (0)89/32 49 15 93 8 (no Game-Support)
Fax: +49 (0)89/32 49 15 97 3 (only for Plus-Support)

Contact Game Support

Always provide your player name + game world when requesting support.

Youth Protection Agent:

Rechtsanwalt Dr. Andreas Lober
Schulte Riesenkampff Rechtsanwaltsgesellschaft mbH

Privacy Policy Agent:

Robin Houben

All rights of the texts, graphics and source code lie with Travian Games GmbH.
Miramagia is a registered product of Travian Games GmbH.

Liability note: Despite conscientious efforts, we cannot be held responsible for the monitoring of the contents of external links.
The owner of the linked sites are exclusively responsible for the contents.

Let's Play - support

A 'Let's Play' is a digital video posted on YouTube or a similar platform, which shows a player playing a computer game. The players communicate their actions whilst playing.

The permission of the rights holder is required for such Let's Play videos, this is because copyrighted and trademarked content will be shown.

If you want to make a Let's Play video about Miramagia, you'll find everything you need to know here.

World selection
World selection
Miramagia Companion

The Miramagia Companion is exclusive to Android and the app you have long been waiting for! With the Miramagia Companion, you won't have to miss out on playing Miramagia when you don't have access to a PC or Mac. You are now always able to use the following functions on-the-go with this application:

Miramagia Companion

A function allowing you to instantly collect all the mushrooms currently available in the village in one go is exclusive to the app. This saves a lot of time and ensures that you don't miss a single mushroom. What's more, an indicator keeps you constantly informed of how many mushrooms you can harvest today.

Of course, you can also purchase Rubies in the Companion app and buy new Plant Fairies for example, accelerate vapourisation or spin the Wheel of Fortune.

When you use Miramagia Companion for the first time, you'll also receive a little thank you in the form of 10 Rubies and an exclusive garden object.

Important: Companion was not designed to be a game in its own right, rather it serves simply as a support to the browser game Miramagia, which you can play for free at www.miramagia.com. Certain game functions, such as upgrading buildings, the village and city overview as well as the chat are not yet supported in the app. If you don't yet play Miramagia – a huge community of enthusiastic players looks forward to welcoming you!

Minimum requirements:

Travian Games: we've got the right game for everyone

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Update04.02.2015 22:47

5th Feb; 11:00 UTC+1   ...more

Update 22nd January21.01.2015 21:07

Welcome Orin!   ...more

Update 27th November26.11.2014 22:20

11am (GMT+1) for about an hour   ...more

downtime15.11.2014 00:07

Monday 17th November   ...more

Family Bliss08.11.2014 00:15

including a promotion!   ...more

Ruby Rain!31.10.2014 17:08

Flash Sale   ...more

Flash Sale and Promo30.10.2014 13:28

don't delay! Grab your bargains!   ...more

Update 30.10.2014 08:34

30th October 11 am (UTC+1)   ...more

ka Ching code october 201424.10.2014 22:26

fairypowerup2014   ...more

Revision of Competitions18.09.2014 22:32

The current competitions will end soon!   ...more

Ka Ching Code and bargains09.09.2014 21:33

mirolovesyou2014   ...more

Congratulations!02.09.2014 06:00

The winners of our Miramagia-Birthday-Special are   ...more

04.02.2015 22:47
Greetings miramagicians

Word has reached me from the High Council - there is to be an update tomorrow, 5th February, starting at 11:00 UTC+1 for approximately one hour.

The changelog will be posted as usual.

Please note that the update has a couple of new features to it - not all the items will be available immediately, and some will be available when certain criteria are met!

Exciting times!

Best wishes
Community Manager
All News
Update 22nd January
21.01.2015 21:07
Greetings Miramagicians

Word has arrived from the High Council - the very first Update of 2015 is upon us!

The update will happen tomorrow, 22nd January at 11:00 (UTC+1); downtime for approximately one hour.

As usual the Changelog will be posted in the forum! And the teaser will become clear!

Let's welcome Orin Aurum to Miramagia!

Best wishes

Community Manager
All News
Update 27th November
26.11.2014 22:20
Greetings Miramagicians

Word has arrived from the High Council - there is to be an Update tomorrow, 27th November, starting at 11am (Germany time - which is CET or GMT+1)

The downtime will be approximately an hour.

The changelog will be posted in the forum as usual!
All News
15.11.2014 00:07
Greetings Miramagicians

The High Council has alerted me that the magical conduits and corridors need a period of maintenance - and that this maintenance downtime will take place on Monday 17th November, anticipated times: 10:15 - 12:15h UTC+1


Community Manager
All News
Family Bliss
08.11.2014 00:15
Greetings Miramagicians

Welcome to 'Family Bliss' season!

Not only are there firm favourites from last year's season there are also many new items - do enjoy discovering them! The focus is the leisure park.

The new gallery post will be in forum as soon as is possible.

In addition there is to be a Promotion at Ka Ching . . including a special Feature Promotion on the first day only . . and a surprise Feature Promotion sometime soon in the near future . . .


Community Manager
All News
Ruby Rain!
31.10.2014 17:08

A mystical ruby rain has devastated Miramagia! 20% more rubies for the same price are available from 31.10. to 01.11. (Rubies packages A-F). Please note: it only works with your browser not with the app.
All News
Flash Sale and Promo
30.10.2014 13:28
Greetings Miramagicians

Dennis the post dragon has been kept busy as messages have passed between the High Council and myself but I am delighted to be able to confirm the following:

31st October there will be a Flash sale of Ruby packages (SMS voucher and Phone packages are not included) starting at 07h UTC and ending at 22h UTC. Substantial savings can be made!

1st November through to the 3rd November starting at 00.00 UTC on the Saturday and ending 24:00 on the Monday there will be a sale Promotion. Discounts of up to 25% on the published prices! Ruby pranks, lottery tickets, fairies, gold and silver accounts (30 day and a year) are just some of the discounted items!

Bargains await you!
All News
30.10.2014 08:34

There will be an update to the game miramagia 30th October, at 11am (UTC+1) for approximately one hour.

Community Manager
All News
ka Ching code october 2014
24.10.2014 22:26
Greetings miramagicians

Lisl brought me a message today and asked me to pass the news to you all.

It seems the plant fairies have persuaded the High Council to release a new Ka Ching code: fairypowerup2014

This will be valid from 25 October until 1st November.

4 special items await your collection and enjoyment!

Thank you Lisl!

Community Manager
All News
Revision of Competitions
18.09.2014 22:32
Greetings miramagicians

The latest changelog hinted at revisions to our competitions ingame - the Big Orders and the Harvest Races - word has reached me of further information on this.

The Herald passed me this information tonight:
"The current competitions will end soon!

As promised all competitions will be adapted to a new system.

What does that mean?

This means:

All Big Orders will be ended with the update on September 28th 2014. Board leaders will receive their badges. Prize money will be paid out according to the last status (reviewable in the Big Order lists)

In contrast, all harvest races will end as normal. They will not be cancelled prematurely. No more harvest races from the old system will be generated until the update though.

Thank you very much for your patience during the adjustment period.

Hopefully, you will have a lot of fun with the new competitions!"

When I have more information I will pass it on.

Exciting times!

Best wishes
Community Manager
All News
Ka Ching Code and bargains
09.09.2014 21:33
Greetings Miramagicians

Word has arrived from the High Council of a new Ka Ching code - valid from 10th September - simply type in the code phrase mirolovesyou2014 to receive gold mana and experience bonus!

On addition there will be a Spell Sale from 12th September for 2 days . . reductions of up to 50% on a range of spells. Field and Mushroom bag spells will be activated immediately but other spells can be stacked for future use!

Don't miss out on this opportunity!

Community Manager
All News
02.09.2014 06:00
Dear players,

the Miramagia 3rd Anniversary competition has ended. We thank all the participants for their amazing submissions!

Congratulations to our winners: Khendra, Nish90 and Larika! We hope you enjoy our paintings for your home.

The winners are notified and once the paintings are completed by the artist, we will post those here as well.

Two special prizes are awarded to: Zauberheftchen and Magiatum. Stay tuned for their ideas! We will also post them here together with the paintings.

Best wishes and again many thanks to all participants!

Your Miramagia team
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Game overview

The following overview shows you which game features are unlocked at which level on your magical farm.


The following table shows you the level from which different plants are available on your farm and which zone they're best suited to.


Here you'll find answers to questions relating to the transformation. Loads of tips and tricks will help you to enhance your magical powers even further.

Wonderful Starter Package

Our package for beginners which we've named "Dreamy Starter Package" for its extensive content is also beneficial to experienced players.

Weekly prize

Here you can find out all about the exclusive weekly prizes, e.g. how you can win them, when there are new prizes and how often you can win them.


The following table shows you the level from which different spells can be learnt and used in the game.


Hier findest du eine Übersicht aller Tastaturkommandos in Miramagia.

Overview - General

The following overview shows you which game features are unlocked at which level.

Level Effect
10 Mana trader: new option available for trading Gold for Mana and vice versa (15,000 Gold for 1,500 Mana or 1,500 Mana for 15,000 Gold)
12 Alchemy quests become available (they also remain after a transformation for lower levels); previously you had to buy an alchemy set in the Sorcerer's Corner Shop.
25 Tent of Advanced Magic becomes available; can be used once per day.
30 Mana trader: new option available for trading Gold for Mana and vice versa (100,000 Gold for 8,000 Mana or 10,000 Mana for 80,000 Gold)
50 Magical Lottery Booth becomes available
90 Thanks to the flowers on the World Tree, you can see how much Miragic has already been collected for the transformation and the growth of the World Tree.
100 Transformation (see separate overview)

This also includes plants and spells (see the separate lists) and a whole host of decoration items which become available at various levels.

Additionally, once levels 11, 21, 31, etc. up until level 91 are reached, your house on the village map expands.

After the first transformation, once level 50 is reached, an additional daily free lottery ticket is unlocked for the Magical Lottery Booth.

return to selection
Overview - Plants

The following table shows you at which level different plants become available and which zones they're best suited to.

Level   Plant   Zone
1 Carrot Carrot Shaded
2 Rose Rose Sunny
4 Pumpkin Pumpkin Cool
6 Wild Grapes Wild Grapes Cool
8 Snowdrops Snowdrops Shaded
10 Cone Bush Cone Bush Shaded
12 Tubular Mushrooms Tubular Mushrooms Cool
14 Key Beet Key Beet Shaded
15 + World Tree Level 2 Winking Root Winking Root Sunny
16 Towerkraut Towerkraut Cool
18 Fly Agaric Fly Agaric Shaded
20 Morning Dew Morning Dew Shaded
25 Crystal Fern Crystal Fern Cool
30 Stinging Nettle Stinging Nettle Cool
35 Marble Bush Marble Bush Sunny
40 Horsetail Horsetail Sunny
45 Sorrel Balls Sorrel Balls Sunny
50 Stone Truffle Stone Truffle Sunny
55 Spotted Cucumber Spotted Cucumber Shaded
60 Tousled Lettuce Tousled Lettuce Cool
65 Fanfare Reed Fanfare Reed Cool
67 + World Tree Level 2 Mirabelle Mirabelle Sunny
70 Bell Flower Bell Flower Shaded
75 Cone Thistle Cone Thistle Sunny
80 Spuds Spuds Cool
85 Snapdragons Snapdragons Sunny
90 Leafer Leafer Shaded
return to selection
Overview - Spell

The following table shows you from which level you can learn a spell.

Level Spell Effect Cost
1 Vaporise 1 +250 XP 500 Gold
40 Carrots
3 Hop-Along Bunny +200 XP 950 Gold
65 Roses
5 Generous Present +250 XP 400 Gold
35 Roses
35 Carrots
7 Downpour 1 +250 XP 200 Gold
50 Wild Grapes
50 Carrots
10 House Jester +1500 XP 950 Gold
100 Cone Bushes
50 Snowdrops
120 Roses
10 Share Experience 1 +150 XP
+5 Shared XP
20% Plant bonus
200 Gold
80 Cone Bushes
50 Snowdrops
120 Roses
14 Downpour 2 +500 XP 800 Gold
50 Snowdrops
40 Wild Grapes
80 Pumpkins
16 Vaporise 2 +500 XP 2000 Gold
100 Cone Bushes
80 Roses
100 Pumpkins
20 Short Range Teleportation +100 XP 5000 Gold
100 Snowdrops
80 Wild Grapes
200 Fly Agarics
20 Share Experience 2 +300 XP
+10 Shared XP
+22% Plant bonus
1100 Gold
200 Tubular Mushrooms
50 Morning Dews
50 Wild Grapes
20 Seal of returns 1 +300 XP
+20% Bonus to XP, Mana, harvest yield
400 Gold
170 Tubular Mushrooms
20 Morning Dews
20 Wild Grapes
20 Lease of life - Free - if Seal of Returns 1 is learnt
20 Remove seal - Free - if Seal of Returns 1 is learnt
21 Create Shaded Zone 1 +150 XP 3500 Gold
150 Roses
250 Tubular Mushrooms
120 Pumpkins
22 Downpour 3 +750 XP 1200 Gold
120 Cone Bushes
90 Fly Agarics
100 Pumpkins
26 Vaporise 3 +750 XP 5000 Gold
100 Snowdrops
90 Morning Dews
400 Fly Agarics
30 Share Experience 3 +450 XP
+15 Shared XP
+24% Plant bonus
1600 Gold
70 Stinging Nettles
250 Key Beets
80 Fly Agarics
30 Seal of returns 2 +600 XP
+22% Bonus to XP, Mana, harvest yield
3500 Gold
20 Stinging Nettles
190 Cone Bushes
38 Fly Agarics
31 Create Cool Zone 1 +150 XP 5000 Gold
120 Cone Bushes
200 Roses
100 Morning Dews
34 Downpour 4 +1000 XP

1600 Gold
60 Morning Dews
150 Fly Agarics
40 Crystal Ferns

36 Vaporise 4 +1000 XP 10000 Gold
150 Stinging Nettles
120 Morning Dews
150 Crystal Ferns
40 Share Experience 4 +600 XP
+20 Shared XP
+26% Plant bonus
2100 Gold
140 Horsetails
100 Morning Dews
300 Towerkraut
40 Seal of returns 3 +900 XP
+24% Bonus to XP, Mana, harvest yield
1100 Gold
15 Morning Dews
100 Pumpkins
200 Horsetails
41 Create Sunny Zone 1 +150 XP 7000 Gold
100 Stinging Nettles
120 Wild Grapes
150 Crystal Ferns
44 Downpour 5 +1250 XP 2000 Gold
50 Stinging Nettles
80 Marble Bushes
60 Morning Dews
50 Share Experience 5 +750 XP
+25 Shared XP
+28% Plant bonus

2700 Gold
60 Stone Truffles
350 Tubular Mushrooms
170 Sorrel Balls

50 Seal of returns 4 +1200 XP
+26% Bonus to XP, Mana, harvest yield
1900 Gold
20 Stone Truffles
40 Marble Bushes
150 Horsetails
51 Vaporise 5 +1250 XP 25000 Gold
150 Marble Bushes
200 Sorrel Balls
300 Horsetails
54 Downpour 6 +1500 XP 2600 Gold
90 Marble Bushes
80 Sorrel Balls
150 Horsetails
57 Create Shaded Zone 2 +300 XP 10000 Gold
100 Stinging Nettles
50 Stone Truffles
200 Crystal Ferns
58 Flying Sparks +100 XP 10000 Gold
100 Sorrel Balls
300 Horsetails
300 Pumpkins
60 Share Experience 6 +900 XP
+30 Shared XP
+30% Plant bonus
3200 Gold
60 Tousled Lettuces
400 Towerkraut
80 Spotted Cucumbers
60 Seal of returns 5 +1500 XP
+28% Bonus to XP, Mana, harvest yield
3200 Gold
60 Tousled Lettuces
400 Towerkraut
62 Create Cool Zone 2 +300 XP 15000 Gold
250 Horsetails
50 Stone Truffles
120 Marble Bushes
64 Downpour 7 1750 XP 3200 Gold
40 Stone Truffles
110 Sorrel Balls
200 Horsetails
67 Create Sunny Zone 2 +300 XP 20000 Gold
180 Morning Dews
300 Fly Agarics
450 Spotted Cucumbers
70 Share Experience 7 +1050 XP
+35 Shared XP
+32% Plant bonus
3700 Gold
450 Cone Bushes
30 Fanfare Reeds
180 Bell Flowers
70 Seal of returns 6 +1800 XP
+30% Bonus to XP, Mana, harvest yield
6050 Gold
30 Tousled Lettuces
50 Towerkraut
250 Spotted Cucumbers
74 Downpour 8 +2000 XP 3800 Gold
100 Fanfare Reeds
120 Tousled Lettuces
150 Bell Flowers
80 Share Experience 8

+1200 XP
+50 Shared XP
+34% Plant bonus

4200 Gold
100 Stinging Nettles
500 Tubular Mushrooms
40 Spuds
80 Seal of returns 7 +2100 XP
+32% Bonus to XP, Mana, harvest yield
10850 Gold
24 Stinging Nettles
175 Sorrel Balls
11 Spuds
82 Create Shaded Zone 3 +450 XP 20000 Gold
100 Stone Truffles
200 Tousled Lettuces
150 Cone Thistles
84 Downpour 9 4250 XP 4400 Gold
30 Spuds
500 Towerkraut
120 Cone Thistles
85 Seal of returns 8 +2400 XP
+34% Bonus to XP, Mana, harvest yield
19450 Gold
9 Snapdragons
160 Tousled Lettuces
40 Bell Flowers
87 Create Cool Zone 3 +450 XP

25000 Gold
100 Stone Truffles
150 Snapdragons
250 Bell Flowers

90 Share Experience 9 +1350 XP
+60 Shared XP
+36% Plant bonus
4800 Gold
80 Stone Truffles
550 Key Beets
60 Snapdragons
90 Seal of returns 9 +2700 XP
+36% Bonus to XP, Mana, harvest yield
35000 Gold
25 Stinging Nettles
10 Sorrel Balls
140 Bell Flowers
92 Create Sunny Zone 3 +450 XP 30000 Gold
100 Leafers
100 Spuds
250 Tousled Lettuces
94 Downpour 10 2500 XP 5000 Gold
60 Leafers
50 Spuds
100 Snapdragons
95 Seal of returns 10 +3000 XP
+38% Bonus to XP, Mana, harvest yield
35000 Gold
35 Stone Truffles
15 Leafers
160 Cone Thistles
98 Share Experience 10 +1500 XP
+75 Shared XP
+38% Plant bonus
5200 Gold
70 Leafers
600 Towerkraut
60 Spotted Cucumbers
return to selection
Overview - Wonderful Starter Package

Our package for beginners which we've named "Dreamy Starter Package" for its extensive content is also beneficial to experienced players.

Together, this content provides you with a little boost when growing plants and make the game so much easier.

What exactly does that mean?

These are the advantages of the Dreamy Starter Package:

  • Clears your field of level 1 obstructions.
    • This automatic vapourisation saves time and resources; you need all the room you can get on your field for more plants, particularly at the lower levels.
      (read more under "Info about clearing obstructions")
  • 7 Plant Fairies accelerate plant growth for 5 days.
    • Thanks to faster growth, you can harvest much more over the same period of time.
  • The current level of your existing buildings is instantly raised by 1, if possible.
    • Saves time and resources - and much more at a high character level.
      (read more under "Info about upgrading buildings")
  • The useful "Busy Little Helpers" spell for growing plants is unlocked for 7 days.
    • Cultivates the whole field with just one click.
    • In combination with the Club Account, the powerful spell "Overall, boosted Downpour" is unlocked.
  • You receive the animated garden item "A heart for plants".
    • A magnificent and sweet animated heart for the garden; not everyone has this.
Decoration item: a heart for plants
Info about clearing obstructions

As soon as a package has been redeemed, all level 1 obstructions are cleared.

Any level 1 vapourisations currently taking place are finished instantly. Obstructions of level 2 or higher are not affected and must still be cleared.

The time and Mana costs for clearing the next field square are calculated from the number of field squares already cleared. Squares cleared by the package are also included here, although the package allows you to save a lot of time and Mana. The next vapourisation following the package works in the same manner as if the level 1 squares were unlocked by the conventional way.

The level 1 field squares have to be vapourised anew after a transformation.

Field squares Costs and duration
already vapourised to be vapourised   Mana Seconds
0 1,   80 900 -Dragon bonus
1 2,   160 2.700 -Dragon bonus
2 3,   326 8.100 -Dragon bonus
3 4,   554 17.100 -Dragon bonus
9 10,   2.892 146.700 -Dragon bonus
12 13,   4.561 260.100 -Dragon bonus
13 14,   5.181 305.100 -Dragon bonus
14 15,   5.832 353.700 -Dragon bonus
19 20,   9.513 650.700 -Dragon bonus
24 25,   13.853 1.037.700 -Dragon bonus
29 30,   18.794 1.514.700 -Dragon bonus
34 35,   24.295 2.081.700 -Dragon bonus
39 40,   30.322 2.738.700 -Dragon bonus
44 45,   36.849 3.485.700 -Dragon bonus
49 50,   43.853 4.322.700 -Dragon bonus
54 55,   51.315 5.249.700 -Dragon bonus
59 60,   59.218 6.266.700 -Dragon bonus
62 63,   64.166 6.920.100 -Dragon bonus
Everything cleared
Info about upgrading buildings

In order to be able to use the advantage, you should make sure every building site has a building, even if you simply start a construction order.

If the maximum level of a building has already been reached, this advantage will have no effect. You can find information about the current/maximum upgrade level in the corresponding building window.

If a building is still being constructed and is not yet finished, the level will be immediately increased by one and the progress percent will be carried over to the next level at a ratio of 1:1. That means, if a building has a progress of 50% for level 10 before the package, it will have a progress of 50% for level 11 after the package. In this case, you can also save even more as level 11 would cost more time and resources.

However, if the building would reach its maximum level once upgraded, the upgrade is simply completed instantly.

Available once?

This dreamy offer can only be redeemed once now. However, it becomes available again after each transformation

Where can I find the package?

You can find it in the "Spend Rubies" window. This can be accessed best by simply clicking on the "+" symbol in the menu at the top.

If the package is available to you, if will appear at the top of the list. If you have already bought it and haven't transformed in the meantime, it will be moved to the bottom of the list; this allows you to see the advantages even afterwards.

Finally, we hope you have fun with the Dreamy Starter Package in Miramagia!

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Overview - Transformation
What is the transformation?

Once you've reached level 100 in the game you can transform; that means, ascend to a higher magical echelon. But the decision is yours. You'll then receive the following message in the game:

The High Council of Mages has confirmed that you are powerful enough to carry out the magical transformation and in doing so, strengthen the World Tree with this mighty ritual. Teleport to the World Tree in the centre of the world and use the Fountain of Eternal Youth in order to perform the magical transformation ritual.

All of the possession that you have collected before reaching level 100 will be turned into Miragic in this ritual. This Miragic will then flow into the World Tree and nourish it.


Once enough magicians have performed the magical transformation ritual, the World Tree will grow by one level and unlock new content in the world - content not available in any other world whose World Tree has not reached the same level. Thanks to the rune stones at the foot of the World Tree, you can see how much the World Tree has already been strengthened by Miragic. The more runes are lit, the closer the World Tree is to reaching the next level.

The mouse-over on the tree shows you when the tree will grow again.

Important: as you transform further and become more powerful with the advantages this brings, the time between each transformation will shorten as the game goes on.

You can find all the information about the transformation in the answers to the following questions.

Why should I transform?

There's a whole host of advantages which come with transformations; the list grows a little longer with every update. In particular, some important extras exclusively for players that have transformed will be introduced in the upcoming updates. Here is the current list of reasons to perform a transformation:

  • The Magic Circle produces 5% more Mana after the first transformation, 10% more after the second and 15% after the third, etc.
  • Magical crystals grow on the edge of your field. Thanks to a transformation bonus, they accelerate plant growth by 0.5% after every transformation.
  • After each transformation, one more field square becomes available for "Share Experience" (as of the update on the 4th June 2013).
  • You have the chance to change your class and gender for free.
  • Additional building levels are unlocked for the following buildings after the first transformation:
    • Store House (max. level 110 instead of 100)
    • Laboratory (max. level 28 instead of 25)
    • Magic Circle (max. level 55 instead of 50)
    • Dragon's Lair (max. level 9 instead of 8)
  • The dragon can now grow from level 26 to level 27.
  • Once you have reached level 50 after the first transformation, you'll receive a free lottery ticket every day at the Magical Lottery Booth.
  • You receive a purple cloak. This changes with every transformation, enabling other players to see your progress. The cloak is optional and can be removed or put back on at any time.
  • A special transformation cloak can be bought in the Sorcerer's Corner Shop after the first transformation.
  • You get one of eight statues. This depends which class and gender you performed the transformation in.
  • Once you have performed a certain number of transformations, you'll receive an achievement, e.g. straight after the first transformation.
  • After a transformation, you have the option to obtain further achievements, which can only be completed after a transformation (these require that you now upgrade your buildings as fast as possible for example).
  • You secure yourself a place in the Hall of Fame at the World Tree.
  • You receive a new rank; this depends on the existing transformations as well as medals in the rankings.

    The ranks individually:
0 Magic beginner 13 Magus singularis
1 Magic student 14 Archmagus minor
2 Magic Apprentice 15 Archmagus humilis
3 Magic adept 16 Archmagus major
4 Magus minor 17 Archmagus magnus
5 Magus humilis 18 Archmagus insignis
6 Magus major 19 Archmagus nobilis
7 Magus magnus 20 Archmagus supreme
8 Magus insignis 21 Archmagus excelsus
9 Magus nobilis 22 Archmagus magnificus
10 Magus supreme 23 Archmagus singularis
11 Magus excelsus 24 Archmagus majestaticus
12 Magus magnificus 25 Miragicus nobilis

More advantages follow - it's always worthwhile to transform as early as you can.

What do I lose after a transformation?
  • All buildings disappear (except for your house, which resets to level 1; all buildings will remain at level 1 after Update 5, expected in July 2013).
  • All the plants in the Store House disappear (except for 2 Carrots to start you off).
  • All dragon feed is lost.
  • Gold is reset to 1,000.
  • Mana is reset to 300.
  • Experience points are reset to 0; this affects your individual rank as well as the rank for your village.
  • All spells from the Mage Academy are reset (excluding spells you have won).
  • Field squares that you already vapourised are reset; only the usual nine starting squares and the fields squares behind the magic barrier remain vapourised after the transformation. The latter can be used immediately, providing Expand Field is unlocked.
  • All of the articles you've placed on the market are deleted and do not contribute to the Miragic.
  • The dragon now only has level 1.
  • The old Questies disappear and are replaced by five new Questies with plant orders you can realistically fulfil.
What can I do to save as much as possible?
  • Certain decoration items are very valuable and can be sold in the Sorcerer's Corner Shop for 15% of the original price (buy first and sell after the transformation).
  • As much Gold as possible should be invested in one or more lucrative big orders before performing a transformation; however these can only be completed after the transformation. This would help the other inhabitants of the village, too. In this way, you also profit from the transformations of other village inhabitants.
  • By trading in a cunning manner, you can store plants with other players. However this does not come without its risks; other players often look out for these kinds of offers on the market.
  • Wait until all of your plants have been sold on the market.
  • Sell your laboratory items.
  • Sell your dragon feed.
  • Before performing the transformation, you should definitely use the shaded or cool zone (see plant overview).
  • Extend the zone on your field with the Mana you have, before you perform the Transformation. The zone is, however, reset to level 1 with Update 4 (June 2013), but rises again later when learning the higher spell levels.

You can find more useful tips and tricks in the forum.

What do I keep?
  • Rubies
  • All Plus features (Plus and Club Account, Premium Questies, Plant Fairies, Expand Field etc.)
  • Alchemy quests can be completed by transformed players as early as level 1
  • All laboratory items that have been won up until now, as well as all garden items and gifts (you should try to win as many laboratory items as possible before transforming)
  • Zone spells already cast (however they are rest to level 1)
  • Spells you have won, no matter where they are from
  • The spell for watering the Village Tree (available as a regularity bonus)
  • Phials
  • Mushrooms collected
  • All spells created from mushrooms (the exception is dragon feed)
  • Lottery tickets (but they can only be used again from level 50)
  • All achievements (these can even require a transformation)
  • Progress for the regularity bonus
  • Progress with the Djinni
  • Rank as village elder
How is the Miragic calculated?
  • The Miragic is calculated from the upgrade levels of the buildings, the level of the dragon, the number of own transformations as well as the total Gold, Mana, plants and laboratory items that you possess once reaching level 100.
  • From level 90, you can see the current amount of points at the World Tree, this is 'frozen' once you reach level 100.
What do all the players get?
  • New game content such as plants and garden items for example.
  • The World Tree is growing and distant mysterious islands draw closer; who knows what importance these will have in the future...?
What exactly is changing with Update 4 in June 2013?
  • For each transformation, you get one more field square when using "Share Experience".
  • Field squares included in the Expand Field are now vapourised from the very beginning, not only after a transformation.
  • An active field zone resets to level 1 after a transformation. Previously, each week had an individual level. After which, the field zone will always correspond to the current spell level learnt (also for the time currently available)
What exactly is changing with Update 5 (expected July 2013)?
  • Transformed players will have significantly more options in a larger new feature.
  • The buildings no longer disappear after a transformation, instead they reset to level 1.
Why do we have the transformation at all?

Our aim was to create a mechanism in Miramagia which would prevent players from becoming more and more powerful. Thanks to the transformation, even experienced Miramagians get into situations where they need help from their village inhabitants.

Moreover, it's much more interesting to rapidly progress to the higher levels as a different class or by making use of new options, compared to simply reaching level 120 within the same time instead. This wouldn't unlock any more content either. We still have some work ahead of us for the future, particularly in allocating each class with special skills and different attributions. This is all being planned.

Furthermore, the transformation avoids the situation where a village remains forever unbeatable, even if in practice it is difficult to beat a village with seven top-level players who don't transform. Play with the long-term goal in mind; patience is key!

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Weekly prize
The weekly prize at the magical Wheel of Fortune

You can win the weekly prize at the Wheel of Fortune, at the top of the village. This is possible right from character level 1.

A new form of prize

The weekly prize is a new way to win a prize, taking equal place alongside all the other prizes and giving the magical Wheel of Fortune a golden hourglass.

Each spin of the wheel could, with a little luck, lead to you winning a weekly prize.

Available for a limited time

It's no coincidence that an hourglass marks the weekly prize. In contrast to running prizes that are available continuously at the Wheel of Fortune, the weekly prize can only be won for a short period of time. You have exactly one week to get this prize; it's announced on Monday at the Wheel of Fortune and Sunday is then the final chance to win it.

New every week

As soon as the current weekly prize expires on Sunday, it is replaced on the Monday by the next prize. It's therefore worthwhile to check often and use all the free spins for the prize too.

Incidentally, every weekly prize is unique and can not be won again later. However, it's possible to obtain a game advantage by other means, e.g. "Share Experience" can also be enhanced using transformations. In these cases, the weekly prize adds to the effect. Decoration items, seating groups, hair styles etc. can not be bought afterwards in the game. The weekly prize is really the only chance.

A unique prize

Every weekly prize is unique. If you win it, you won't be able to win it again another time. The Wheel of Fortune will then visibly mark the weekly prize as "already received". Of course, you can continue to win all the other "running prizes".

On the next Monday, you'll then be able to spin for the weekly prize again, when the prize is announced at the Wheel of Fortune.

Current weekly prize
Share Experience

Although the same weekly prize cannot be won repeatedly, once you have won it, you can keep it forever. Regardless of whether it's a seating group, a spell enhancement, a hair style or something else.

Varied prizes

The weekly prize offers you a wide range of unusual prizes. Exotic seating groups, animated decoration items, impressive spell enhancements, mighty crystal sets and much more await you.

As not everyone will have get these prizes, you'll have a real treasure in your hands.

The Wheel of Fortune always shows you the prize and its effect before spinning; that way you won't miss out on the crucial details:

Current weekly prize
Share Experience
Current weekly prize
Magic Pond (7 seats)

Moreover, you can be quickly and fully informed via your mailbox; just look out for the golden hourglass symbol:


The High Council of Mages
New weekly prize is here!

This message is sent to your mailbox every Monday.

Good luck!

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Die folgende Tabelle beinhaltet alle Tastaturkommandos von Miramagia. Daneben kannst du die Tastatur natürlich noch zum Eingeben von Namen und Zahlen verwenden.
Kommando Bedeutung
ESC Schließt Popups, bricht das Platzieren von Deko ab, setzt Zoom zurück
Bild runter Zeigt/versteckt im Wechsel eigene Vorgartendekoration
Bild hoch Zeigt/versteckt im Wechsel fremde Vorgartendekoration
+ Reinzoomen (z.B. im Dorf)
- Rauszoomen (z.B. im Dorf)
Leertaste Dreht beim Platzieren Vorgartendekoration und Einrichtung
STRG gedrückt halten Mehrere gleiche Vorgartenobjekte hintereinander platzieren
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World selection
Game Rules

The game rules are an extension of the general terms and conditions. In the event of a ban, or simply for checking what is and isn't allowed, the general terms and conditions should be read. Particularly here 8.

Avoiding the game rules will be considered a violation and will be treated as such. All game rules also apply to players who are intending on deleting their account, or those who already have their account in the deletion phase.

1 Account 2 Netiquette 3 Administration

Here you'll find wallpaper to spruce up your desktop.

Each wallpaper is available in the sizes 800x600, 1024x768, 1280x980, 1600x1200 and 1920x1200.


Wallpaper no. 1



Wallpaper no. 2

Youth protection
Sicherheitshinweise für Kinder Vor der Anmeldung

Lies Dir folgende Hinweise und Tipps über den Umgang mit anderen Mitspielern aufmerksam durch, damit Du weißt wie Du Dich schützen kannst. Informiere Dich über die Sicherheitsfunktionen und Beschwerdemöglichkeiten im Spiel.

Welche Regeln gibt es im Spiel und im Chat? Wo und bei wem kann ich mich beschweren? Wie kann ich andere Spieler ignorieren?

Schütze Deine persönlichen Daten & Dein Profil

Gib in Deinem Profil nur die notwendigen Daten an. Verwende bei Deiner Email-Adresse und Deinem Nickname nicht Dein Alter, Namen oder Wohnort. Wähle ein sicheres Passwort und verrate es niemandem.

Du kennst Deinen Chat Partner nicht persönlich? Gib niemals Deine persönlichen Daten im Chat an, also Deinen echten Namen, Deine Adresse, Telefonnummer, Namen Deiner Schule. Schicke auch keine privaten Fotos an Fremde oder teile Deine Profile bei Skype, MSN, Facebook und Co.

Nehme Einstellungen vor, die Dich vor Fremden schützen. Mache Deine Angaben über Heimatstadt, Land und Geburtstag nicht öffentlich.

Sicher chatten

Achte beim Chatten darauf mit wem Du schreibst. Schreibe nicht über Persönliches im Chat, IGMs oder Chatbubbles. Mache so wenig Angaben wie möglich über Dich selbst. Wenn Dich jemand nach persönlichen Sachen fragt, antworte am besten nicht. Sei freundlich und fair im Chat und verwende keine spöttischen Kommentare, keine Schimpfwörter oder Mobbing. Klicke nicht auf Links, die Dir von Fremden geschickt werden, es könnten gefährliche Seiten oder Viren sein.

Nur echte Freunde zählen

Nehme keine Freundschaftsanfragen von Fremden an, damit sie Deine persönlichen Einstellungen nicht sehen können.

Sei misstrauisch gegenüber Ansprachen von Fremden. Du weißt nicht wer am anderen Ende sitzt. Klicke nicht auf Links, die von Fremden geschickt werden.

Treffe Dich nicht allein mit Fremden, die Du nur aus dem Internet kennst. Nimm Deine Eltern mit und treffe Dich nur auf öffentlichen Plätzen.

Lasse Dir nichts gefallen

Wenn andere mobben mache nicht mit, sondern melde sie beim Support. Lasse Dich nicht von Freunden oder Fremden beeinflussen und mache nichts, was Du nicht willst. Nur weil andere es machen, heißt es nicht, dass Du es auch tun musst.

Wenn Du selbst gemobbt wirst setze Dich zur Wehr und melde die Spieler beim Support.

Wird ein Gespräch mit einem Fremden seltsam oder bekommst Du seltsame Nachrichten, brich die Unterhaltung ab und ignorier den Spieler. Du kannst auch einem Moderator Bescheid geben und dich beschweren.

Beachte die Spielregeln

Damit Spielen und Chatten Spaß macht, halte Dich bitte an die Regeln. Nimm Rücksicht auf andere und beleidige niemanden. Auch andere können sich beschweren und Du kannst Dich strafbar machen.

Verboten ist:

  • zu Gewalt gegen Bevölkerungsgruppen und Einzelpersonen aufzurufen
  • verbotene Kennzeichen zu nutzen (z.B. nationalsozialistische Symbole)
  • Veröffentlichung oder Versenden von pornografischen, gewalt- und Nationalsozialismus verherrlichenden Filmen, Bildern und Texten
  • andere sexuell zu belästigen oder einen sexuellen Missbrauch vorzubereiten
  • andere bloßzustellen, zu beleidigen, zu belästigen oder falsche Behauptungen aufzustellen.

Mögliche Sanktionen:

  • Entfernen der Inhalte
  • Ausschluss aus dem Spiel
  • Strafanzeige bei schweren Verstößen (Behörden wird IP Adresse zur Verfügung gestellt)
Melde Verstöße gegen die Regeln und verdächtige Spieler

Den Support erreichst Du über s1.miramagia.de/game.php?support=1

Teile dem Support folgendes mit:

  • Datum und Uhrzeit
  • Name des Spielers
  • Spielwelt
  • Beschreibung des Vorfalls
Support kontaktieren
Sicherheitshinweise für Eltern

Informieren Sie sich über den Spielinhalt von Miramagia und über die Schutzmaßnahmen im Spiel

Wie sensibilisiere ich mein Kind für Gefahren im Chat und im Spiel?

Lesen Sie die Aufklärung für Eltern und Kinder und das zusätzliche Material um sich zu informieren und besprechen Sie die Tipps und Regeln mit Ihrem Kind.

Welche Regeln gibt es und wie kann sich mein Kind schützen?

Die Regeln finden Sie auf der Informationsseite für Kinder

Welche Möglichkeiten gibt es Verstöße zu melden?

Link zur Seite mit den Schutzmaßnahmen.

Wie kann ich den Support kontaktieren?

Den Support erreichen Sie über s1.miramagia.de/game.php?support=1

Begleiten Sie Ihre Kinder

Besprechen Sie mit Ihren Kindern die möglichen "Gefahren" im Spiel und wie sie darauf reagieren können. Vermitteln Sie Sicherheitsregeln für Ihre Kinder. Zeigen Sie Ihnen die Schutzmechanismen und sensibilisieren Sie sie auffälliges Verhalten bei Ihnen zu melden oder direkt im Spiel.

Machen Sie sich mit den Schutzmaßnahmen vertraut

Checken Sie das Angebot und die Schutzmaßnahmen, um sie Ihren Kindern zu vermitteln.

Machen Sie sich mit AGBs und Datenschutz vertraut

Lesen Sie unsere AGBs und Datenschutz Dokumente und besprechen Sie den Inhalt mit Ihrem Kind. Sie finden die Dokumente hier:

Beschränken Sie die Online-Kommunikation

Treffen Sie Vereinbarungen mit Ihren Kindern wie lange sie wo und mit wem chatten / spielen dürfen.

Treffen Sie Sicherheitsvorkehrungen für den Internetzugang

In Miramagia haben Sie die Möglichkeit einen Familienschutz zu aktivieren, um den öffentlichen Chat, die Chat Bubbles und private Nachrichten auszuschalten. So schützen Sie Ihre Kinder vor ungewünschter Kontaktaufnahme Fremder. Installieren Sie auch Zusatzsoftware, wie AdBlocker, um Ihre Kinder vor unerwünschter Werbung zu schützen.

Besprechen Sie Probleme

Kinder nehmen Anfeindungen und Belästigungen meist persönlich und trauen sich nicht über diese zu sprechen. Nehmen Sie den Kindern die Angst und zeigen Sie sich als verständnisvoller Ansprechpartner. Machen Sie den Kindern keine Schuldvorwürfe und arbeiten Sie gemeinsam an einer Lösung, z.b. der Kontaktaufnahme mit dem Support oder Community Management.

Melden Sie Auffälligkeiten und Verstöße

Sichern Sie Beweise (durch Screenshots) und melden Sie Verstöße zeitnah, da wir die Protokolle nur begrenzte Zeit vorhalten dürfen.

Notieren Sie sich bei auffälligem Verhalten:

  • Datum und Uhrzeit
  • Name des Spielers
  • Spielwelt
  • Beschreibung des Vorfalls
Schutzmaßnahmen im Spiel Profil und Persönliche Daten

Im Profil können Sie einstellen, welche Daten öffentlich in Ihrem Profil eingestellt werden. Öffentliche Daten sind für alle anderen Spieler einsehbar, nicht-öffentliche Daten sind für niemanden einsehbar.

Profil und Persönliche Daten

Im Chat können Spieler mit anderen Spielern aus dem Dorf, dem Tal oder der ganzen Spielwelt chatten. Es sind auch private Unterhaltungen zwischen zwei Spielern möglich. Bei anstößigem Verhalten haben Sie die Möglichkeit andere Spieler beim Support zu melden.

  • Klicken Sie auf den Namen des Spielers im Chat
  • Wählen Sie "Spieler melden" um den Spieler beim Support zu melden
  • Wählen Sie "Spieler ignorieren" um von diesem Spieler nicht mehr kontaktiert werden zu können
Chat Bubbles

Chat Bubbles sind Sprechblasen meines Avatars. Entdecken Sie Verstöße in Chat Bubbles machen Sie einen Screenshot und schicken Sie diesen an den Support. Den beleidigenden Spieler können Sie ignorieren, in dem Sie auf den Avatar klicken und "Spieler ignorieren" im Menü auswählen.

Chat Bubbles

In der Freundesliste finden Sie alle befreundeten Spieler. Bitte beachten Sie und sensibilisieren Sie ihr Kind, wen Sie als Freund einladen. Über einen Klick auf den Namen eines Spieler können Sie diesen aus der Freundesliste entfernen.


Spieler, die Sie im Spiel ignoriert haben finden Sie auf der Schwarzen Liste wieder. Mit einem Klick auf den Spieler können Sie diesen wieder von der Liste entfernen.

Schwarze Liste

Beide Listen finden Sie unter dem Punkt Verwaltung (Screenshot) und Interaktionslisten (Screenshot).

Schwarze Liste
Schwarze Liste

Um Ihre Kinder zu schützen, können Sie

  • den öffentlichen Chat komplett ausschalten
  • private Unterhaltungen ausschalten
  • Sprechblasen ausschalten

Die Funktion finden Sie im Profil bei den Einstellungen und die Sicherung ist mit E-Mail und Passwort gesichert.

Schwarze Liste
Informationen zu Funktionen im Spiel und Neuigkeiten

In unseren Foren und Answers können Sie sich über Spielinhalte, sowie Neuerungen informieren. In den Foren können Sie auch zum Community Manager Kontakt aufnehmen.

Wo kann ich mich zum Thema weiter informieren?

Es gibt verschiedene Organisationen, die Sie bei der Aufklärung Ihres Kindes mit Gefahren im Internet unterstützen können:

fragFINN e.V.

Der Verein engagiert sich auch zukünftig für einen positiven Jugendmedienschutz sowie die Stärkung der Medienkompetenz von Kindern.


jugendschutz.net wurde 1997 von den Jugendministern aller Bundesländer gegründet, um jugendschutzrelevante Angebote im Internet (so genannte Telemedien) zu überprüfen und auf die Einhaltung von Jugendschutzbestimmungen zu drängen.


EU Kampagne für Sicherheit im Netz.

Power Child e.V.

Verein zur Prävention von sexuellem Missbrauch an Kindern und Jugendlichen

Nummer gegen Kummer

Nummer gegen Kummer e. V. ist die Dachorganisation des größten, kostenfreien, telefonischen Beratungsangebotes für Kinder, Jugendliche und Eltern in Deutschland.


BKE Jugendberatung


Initiative Deutschland sicher im Netz